The Club Formula is proposed by each ESB Scool for surfing throughout year, spread over two cycles: March to June and September to December. This formula is for people wishing to advance autonomously with a constant progress in their technical level, while maintaining a recreational approach to surfing. The Club Formula is also for young people who wish to elvolve in surfing performance and who might be considering moving toward competition surfing in the short or long term.


We provide all the technical means available (more efficient boards, video analysis, muscular reinforcement, etc) and the know-how to take each student as far as possible in their progression.


The groups are harmonized by age and level :

• Evaluation at the beginning and end of the cycle
• Development of a personal sporting project
• Followed by personalised, State-certified sports coaches (BEES SURF)

Participation in ESB events:

• Bic Kids One Design : Competition monotype in 3 stages : Rosario, Penhors, La Torche
• The King Of The Groms : Promotional Competition which includes the group of elite national surfers of 16 year olds.


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